Child Safeguarding

In Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP),Child
safeguarding is the foundation of our work and there is zero tolerance towards
the abuse and exploitation of children by any of our representatives. YODEP is
very committed to doing everything in our power to avoid unintended harm or
accidents to children as the result of any of our activities

Children with disabilities

Youth for Developmentand Productivity (YODEP) recognises
that children with disabilities can make a positive contribution towards the
achievement of political, social and economic development goals of the country
if a conducive environment is created fortheir inclusion in the mainstream
society. This can best be done when allpeople are given equal rights and
opportunities to participate in development activities and are able to realise
their full potential as citizens of thiscountry. Children with disabilities
face numerous challenges that results in their exclusion from the mainstream of
society and have made it difficult for them to access their fundamental social,
political and economic rights. YODEP in its Special needs project is providing
care and support to 68 children with different disabilities.  Activities include;
counseling to guardians, feeding, provision of assistive devices, indoor and
outdoor play, and physical fitness, education support, and community based
rehabilitation, awareness meetings to advocate for their rights, healthcare
including HIV/AIDS prevention.